The Shoei X-14 Helmet Review

The Shoei X-14 Helmet Review is here! When riding a motorcycle, safety is key

The Shoei X-14 Helmet Review

A friend of mine was an avid biker, and he rode his motorcycle to work every day. In California, bikers are allowed to weave through traffic, which makes commuting on a bike much faster than going by car, but also more dangerous…..

    ……..One day my friend was riding between cars, when an SUV pulled out in front of him, trying to merge. He slammed into the side of the vehicle at about 25 miles an hour, which left him in bad shape.

           Fortunately, he didn’t suffer any significant damage beyond a couple of broken ribs and sprained wrist, but the impact of his helmet on the side door left a huge dent and cracked the glass. If that were his bare head, I’m sure he wouldn’t be alive today. Motorcycle helmets are the most crucial piece of equipment a biker can have,

  and today I’ll be talking about the Shoei X-14 Helmet (Full Face).

Shoei Brand Make The Shoei X-14 Helmet

Started in Japan after the second world war, Shoei has always been in the business of making high-quality helmets. True to the nature of the Japanese, the Shoei company takes its time crafting and molding every helmet they sell, utilizing a relatively small workforce to do so. This dedication to quality and attention to detail is what makes Shoei helmets some of the best, most highly rated pieces of safety equipment on the market.

In fact, Shoei helmets are so good, that in the mid-90s Honda made their helmets the official headgear of Honda Racing. To that end, the Shoei X-14 Helmet continues the company’s traditions of high-quality materials with some of the best safety ratings around.

Safety Regulations in Cycling

Because the helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment for a biker, each piece must be rigorously tested and rated. In this country, the rating is done officially by the Department of Transportation.

In addition to the DOT, there is another group, called the Snell Memorial Foundation, which also provides high-quality safety standards. Before selling a motorcycle helmet, each company must first submit a sample to the DOT and pass the test.

…If, however, a company is looking for a stronger safety rating, it can send its helmets to Snell. Snell puts each piece through much stricter and much more intense testing, which is why the Snell rating is completely optional for businesses. When choosing a motorcycle helmet, look for pieces that have both the DOT and Snell ratings.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Much like my friend I talked about, many motorcyclists have at least one story of a collision or, at least, a close call. The nature of biking makes it far more dangerous than driving a car, which can result in much more severe injury. The most common types of motorcycle injury are:

  • Head injuries: even with a high-rated helmet, bikers can suffer concussions and neck damage in a collision
  • Arm injuries: when engaged in an accident, most bikers will try to brace themselves with their arms. This results in far more sprains and broken bones than most auto accidents.
  • Road Rash: skimming along the surface of the asphalt can leave nasty bruises, cuts, and scrapes on any exposed skin. Road rash can also occur underneath clothing in some cases.

Helmet Class

When it comes to helmets, not all pieces are created the same. Depending on the type of riding you do, you will need a helmet that fits your style. The basic types of motorcycle helmet are:

  • Open-Faced: these provide less protection than a helmet with a face shield, but they do provide much higher visibility for the rider.
  • Touring: For when you ride your motorcycle on the open road
  • Racing: Designed for competitions and such, so aerodynamics and impact safety are crucial
  • Dual-Sport: these helmets can be used for either competition or daily commuting

The Shoei X-14 Helmet would be classified as a dual-sport helmet. In Fact I have a Shoei x-Fourteen Helmet in my Helmet List

The Shoei X-14 Helmet (Full Face) Pros & Cons


  • Highly aerodynamic design
  • Proprietary ventilation system includes cooling cheek pads
  • Removable ear pads for extra comfort
  • Rear stabilizer allows for reduced wind resistance while riding
  • Has six intake and six outflow vents for maximum ventilation
  • Interior lining is designed to wick away sweat and keep you cool
  • Emergency quick release system in case of an accident
  • Chin curtain for added comfort


  • Helmet is not quite as lightweight as other models, coming in at almost six pounds.
  • Abundance of ventilation holes can cause excess noise

Highlighted Features in Shoei X-14 Helmet

  • Sleek, aerodynamic design
  • Six inlets and six outlet vents
  • Chin curtain
  • Emergency quick release system
  • Cheek pads designed to keep you cool
  • Breath guard
  • Interior padding wicks away sweat
  • Rear flaps keep your head down while riding

FAQs About Shoei X-14 Helmet

How much does this helmet weigh?

Compared to other Shoei models, the Shoei X-14 is kind of large, weighing it at almost six pounds. However, due to the flaps and aerodynamic design of the helmet itself, you don’t really notice the extra weight while riding.

Is this helmet noisy?

With maximum ventilation comes maximum air flow into the helmet. While the ear pads do minimize the noise level, this model can get a bit loud while riding.

Is this helmet rated by Snell?

Yes, as with most Shoei products, the Shoei X-14 Helmet is Snell safety rated.

Making Decision For Buying Shoei x-14 helmet

Shoei has always been one of my favorite brands of helmet, and the X-14 is the perfect demonstration of Shoei’s commitment to safety and innovation.

I love the aerodynamic design of this model; it seems that Shoei went all out in making this helmet have as little drag as possible.

While it can get a bit noisy, the X-14 is certainly a high-end, top quality piece of safety equipment. The only drawback I have with this model is the price, which can set you back over six hundred dollars. For high-end helmets, six hundred can be a bargain, but for anyone just looking for a decent helmet to ride around in, the Shoei X-14 Helmet may be a bit much.

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