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The Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you are searching for a great, low-cost motorcycle helmet option, then consider the Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet. This is a wonderful helmet that comes in many different style and color options. It has some great features, too. One great feature it has is a wonderful ventilation system.

Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet Review

Safety is super important. Everyone knows that. And while you may not think you look cool while wearing a helmet, it will keep you safe. Your brains look much better inside of your skull than on a street corner. It is well worth the investment to get an awesome, durable helmet.

Speaker Pockets

Who doesn’t like to listen to great music while out riding around? Music makes everything so much better. This helmet features built-in speaker pockets for your listening enjoyment. You can easily attach your favorite music playing device to the headset inside the helmet.

And of course, you can always swap in your own Bluetooth headset, making the whole process even safer. You won’t have to worry about any wires getting in the way while you are riding if you have a Bluetooth set instead!

Great Ventilation

This helmet has a Velocity Flow Ventilation system with a specialized Flow Adjust for maximum temperature stability and temperature control with hardly any noise or buffeting.

Nothing is more annoying that a poor ventilation system. Not to mention you will get really hot and sweaty when you have bad air circulation in your helmet. No one likes that. The Flow Adjust allows you to let in or keep out, as much air as you want.

Part of the ventilation system is a padded wind collar that helps to reduce wind and road noise. This gives you a great, comfortable, noise-free ride.


This helmet is a very lightweight option for a motorcycle helmet. It’s a little bit heavier than others: about six pounds. The total shipping weight for this helmet is just over six pounds. Lighter weight helmets are fantastic because they won’t strain your neck muscles like heavier weight helmet options will.

And this helmet also consists of a lightweight composite poly-carbonate alloy shell. So it has a very low weight, and the aerodynamic design helps to reduce wind drag.

Great Cushioning

The interior is lined with an antibacterial and antimicrobial fabric. This helps to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria as well as odor-causing bacteria. The cushioning is removable and washable, making it plenty easy to clean.

Contoured cheek padding helps the helmet to stay firmly in place. Extra padding comes in some of the sizes smaller than the XL. It also features a padded wind collar that will help to reduce wind and annoying road noise.

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Pros of the Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet

  • This helmet is super lightweight.
  • It comes in many different color and style options.
  • The face shield is great for blocking out bright daylight.
  • The cushioning is all removable and washable.
  • The air vents have air flow adjusters so that you can adjust how much or how little air flow you want.
  • This helmet has great built-in speaker pockets.
  • Has quick release for face shields to make swapping face shields easier than ever.

Cons of the Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet

  • Has a D-ring chin strap rather than a quick-release.
  • The shell of the helmet comes in only two sizes.
  • The two-size shell means that sometimes the helmet will not fit properly.
  • The shell comes in a smaller size with less padding or a larger size with lots of padding. Sometimes the helmet fits poorly because of this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet

[azonbox1 tagt = “Bell Vortex Motorcycle Helmet” imgurl= “https://helmetgearblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/vortex-helmet.jpg” imgdsc=”This helmet is super lightweight” lnktxt= “Check on Amazon” linkl=”https://www.amazon.com/Bell-Vortex-Motorcycle-Helmet-Medium/dp/B004FKQ9BK?tag=helmet0bb-20″ headline= “Bell Vortex Helmet” subhline=”It has some great features, too. One great feature it has is a wonderful ventilation system.” ]
  • Is this helmet good for colder weather?
    • Yes, it is well padded and well insulated. This makes it great for cooler weather.
  • Does the face shield flip up?
    • Yes, the face shield flips up.
  • Does this helmet ship outside of the US?
    • Yes, this helmet can be shipped outside of the United States.
  • Is it SA2010 approved?
    • Yes! It is SNELL and DOT standard approved!

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Final Verdict

This is definitely a fantastic helmet. This helmet is great for commuting and regular motorcycle riding. If you are going to go for extreme sports you may want to get a more heavy-duty helmet.

The air flow ventilation makes for a great and comfortable ride. With the added airflow adjust, you can be sure that your ride will always be exactly as you hope it to be. The face shield is coated in a UV gloss and is scratch resistant.

You may just want to order an extra, clear face shield to swap out for any nighttime riding you may wish to do or need to do. If you’re looking for a decent, low-cost option for motorcycle riding, get this helmet

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