The HJC IS 2 Blossom Motorcycle Helmet Review

A few years ago, I decided that I would ditch my car and get a motorcycle. For some of you, that may seem like a rash decision, but I had already ridden many times when I was younger, and I really wanted to save time and money on my commute.

I got the bike, but shortly after that my girlfriend decided that she wanted to join me on my rides. Thus, I needed to get her safety equipment; most importantly, a helmet.

Since she wasn’t going to be commuting or riding my bike solo, I figured that a half or open-faced helmet would suffice, so she could look stylish and be comfortable at the same time.

HJC IS 2 Blossom Motorcycle Helmet

After some searching, we came across the HJC IS 2 Blossom Motorcycle Helmet. Today I’ll go over the basics of motorcycle helmets in general, as well as show you why the HJC is ideal for you or your loved one.

Why Should You Wear a Helmet?

If you ride a motorcycle, you know how easy it can be to get into an accident. While most bikers don’t get severely injured in a collision, the impact can be painful and scary, to say the least.

Since your body is almost completely exposed, wearing the right gear is crucial to ensuring your safety as you ride.

A proper motorcycle helmet can make the difference between surviving a crash and going home in the back of an ambulance. Also, in case you needed another reason to wear a helmet; the law requires that all bikers wear one.

If safety isn’t your concern, then perhaps a hefty fine will motivate you.

Considerations for Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet


There are many varieties of helmet you can choose. The most popular helmets are:

  • Half-helmet: this model only covers the top and sides of your head
  • Open-Face: this model covers the top, sides, and back of your head, and may come with a face shield as well
  • Full-Face: this version covers your whole head and protects your face with a sturdy face shield
  • Modular: this helmet converts from a full-face to an open-face model with the flip of the front visor


To make sure that your helmet sits comfortably on your head and will actually protect your skull, you need to ensure that it is sized properly.

Too big, and it will wobble and could potentially fall off in a collision.

Too small, and it will be very uncomfortable and hot while riding.

Safety Rating

In the US, all motorcycle helmets have to be approved and tested by the Department of Transportation. However, if you want the absolute best safety rating, look for the SNELL logo.

SNELL is an independent organization that puts helmets through rigorous testing standards to ensure the best quality.

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Pros of The HJC IS 2 Blossom Motorcycle Helmet

  • Lightweight design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Protects against glare and the wind
  • Sleek and fun design
  • Comfortable padding
  • Washable pads
  • Removable sun shield
  • Reduces moisture from sweat
  • High level of airflow
  • High safety rating

Cons of the The HJC IS 2 Blossom Motorcycle Helmet

  • Will not protect your whole face in the event of a collision
  • Chin strap may not be that comfortable
  • Strap may break under stress, causing helmet to fly off in an accident
  • Difficult to return if you don’t want it
  • Somewhat bulky due to extra padding on the inside

Features of The HJC IS 2 Blossom Motorcycle Helmet

[azonbox1 tagt = “HJC  is 2 Blossom Helmet” imgurl= “” imgdsc=”Super lightweight model weighs less than four pounds” lnktxt= “Check on Amazon” linkl=” ” headline= “hjc Blossom Helmet” subhline=”Since my girlfriend and I have started riding together, she’s fallen in love with the HJC helmet.” ]
  • Super lightweight model weighs less than four pounds
  • Exterior is made of composite materials for dependability and durability
  • Polycarbonate foam is impact-resistant
  • Interior pads are customizable to fit your face
  • Pads are anti-microbial and washable for easy cleaning
  • Helmet stays cool as you ride
  • Air vents are designed for maximum airflow while reducing road noise
  • Sun shield protects eyes from glare and debris
  • Shield is removable for your convenience
  • Adjustable chinstrap keeps the helmet on your head
  • DOT certified

FAQs of The HJC IS 2 Blossom Motorcycle Helmet

Can you get this helmet in different colors and styles?

This model comes in either black or pink, but unfortunately, the style is the same on both versions. If you don’t like floral patterns, you probably want to paint over it.

Is this helmet only for ladies?

The HJC IS-2 is designed for female riders, but you can get it in a variety of sizes, so you can theoretically use it for men as well.

Can you wear glasses or goggles with this helmet?

Yes, the helmet is wide enough to accommodate glasses or goggles. If you don’t wear prescription glasses, however, the sun shield does a good job of reducing glare and the wind by itself.

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Final Verdict

Since my girlfriend and I have started riding together, she’s fallen in love with the HJC helmet. Since she doesn’t commute to work or ride too often, this helmet is perfect for her.

She loves the color and the design, and the helmet fits like a dream. The way her head is shaped, though, it is a little noisy for her, but overall she’s very satisfied with the HJC, and so am I.

She especially loves that you can remove the padding to wash it (she’s a very clean person)

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