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The HJC CL 16 Helmet Review

I’ve been riding for several years now, and I have to say that it was the best decision I’ve made.

For a long time I drove to and from work, but the level of traffic and the cost of gas made me hate every second of it.

Once I got a bike and started commuting with that, my commute time has been cut in half. I also love the feeling of the open road and the ability to go wherever I want without restriction. Parking is also a breeze since I can just prop the bike up anywhere it fits.

Even though I love biking, there is always the chance of having an accident. Most bikers have had some kind of collision occur while riding, but thankfully most of the time it’s minor. Still, one of the most important things to have while riding is a durable and dependable helmet.

Today I’ll be talking to you about the HJC CL 16 Helmet and how it can benefit you.

HJC CL 16 Helmet Review

Types of Helmets

When looking at motorcycle helmets, there are a lot of choices. If you commute or ride on the streets like me, then your best option is a full-face (or street) helmet. However, there are many other options, each with benefits and downsides.

Open Face

For casual bikers, an open face helmet is an excellent way to protect your head while keeping your face free.

Usually, these models will cover the top, back, and sides of your head, but since the front is open you get a full range of vision, and you don’t have to take off your helmet just to talk, eat, or scratch your nose.

The downside is that you can get bugs in your face while riding, and it’s not as safe as other models.

Full Face

For commuting or just for maximum safety, a full-face helmet is the way to go. These models wrap around your whole head and come with a visor that helps shield your face from wind, debris, and bugs. The visor can also be tinted to prevent road glare or the sun.


To get the best of both worlds, choose a modular helmet. This model is like a full-face helmet, but the difference is that you can lift the front. Again, having your face free is great for lots of reasons (why do noses get so itchy while riding?), but I would never recommend that you ride with the front lifted up.


If you race in motocross or other similar sports, you’ve probably seen a racing helmet. These units are designed to work with goggles, so many of them don’t have a front visor. Also, the mouth guard is usually placed further out, so you have more room to breath.

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Pros of the HJC CL 16 Helmet

  • Durable construction
  • Stylish appearance
  • High safety ratings
  • Lightweight
  • Visor can be swapped easily
  • Fog-resistant
  • Maximum air flow
  • Reduces humidity
  • Hygienic and washable padding

Cons of the HJC CL 16 Helmet

  • Can be tight around the ears
  • A bit noisy
  • Need fog-resistant insert to prevent fogging from breath
  • Even with ventilation it can still be warm inside

Features of the HJC CL 16 Helmet

[azonbox1 tagt = “HJC CL 16 Helmet” imgurl= “https://helmetgearblog.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/cl-16-helmet.jpg” imgdsc=”Highly rated by the DOT and SNELL” lnktxt= “Check on Amazon” linkl=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007GBHPYU?tag=helmet0bb-20″ headline= “The hjc cl 16” subhline=”Part of the reason that I chose the hjc cl 16 helmet is that it is both rated by the US Department of Transportation and the SNELL organization” ]
  • Durable foam polycarbonate shell
  • Highly rated by the DOT and SNELL
  • Super lightweight
  • Stylish red design
  • Visor is removable without tools
  • Advanced ventilation system keeps you cool as you ride
  • Interior pads are washable and antimicrobial
  • Helmet is designed to reduce humidity

FAQs About hjc cl 16 Motorcycle Helmet

Is this helmet unisex?

Yes, most motorcycle helmets are unisex, unless otherwise specified.

What sizes are available?

If you purchase through HJC’s website, you can find all sizes for this helmet. However, through third-party sites, you can only get large, extra-large, and double extra-large.

How loud is this helmet?

Depending on the size you get, it’s relatively low-noise. However, I know that in some cases the wind can come in at a weird angle and cause a high-pitched noise while riding. This is pretty rare though.

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Final Verdict

Part of the reason that I chose the hjc cl 16 helmet is that it is both rated by the US Department of Transportation and the SNELL organization. Since I value safety more than anything, knowing that this helmet has higher safety standards than most other models out there was a major factor in my decision.

Other than the safety rating, however, I love how comfortable and lightweight this helmet is. The padding is perfect for me, but I do like a snug fit, so it may be a little tight for some people. I also love the color and design. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this helmet

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